List of retailers who accept Bitcoins

Although Bitcoin is a digital currency, a lot of companies have entertained Bitcoin as a part of their payment. This means that Bitcoin users can purchase commodities and use Bitcoin like they would with any currency. However, this is only possible with companies that have accepted Bitcoin as a mode of payment. An interesting fact is that around 260k stores in Japan are going to accept Bitcoin by the end of this year. The trial phases are going on. This shows how much popularity Bitcoin is gaining. If you have Bitcoins and are not aware of companies you can use for shopping and payment here is a list of some of the big companies that allow customers to use Bitcoin:

  • Microsoft:

No one is new to Microsoft. And yes Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the world has allowed Bitcoin for purchasing its items. Customers can use Bitcoins to buy items, games, applications or anything available in Windows and Xbox store.

  • WordPress:

WordPress has been allowing customers to use Bitcoins for payment since 2012. The developers revealed that one of the reasons why they did this was so that people all over the world could use their products and purchase. In some countries, people are not able to buy and use additional WordPress features due to limited payment methods and government regulations. Bitcoins, on the other hand, are free of this hence it was allowed.

  • Dell:

One of the biggest companies dealing with electronic gadgets and devices has also allowed Bitcoins as currencies to buy their products. You can buy anything from their store using Bitcoins.

  • Expedia:

One of the most popular and largest traveling websites also allows Bitcoin as a method of payment on their website since 2014. However, transactions are not exactly direct. Expedia uses Coinbase to exchange and transact money. Coinbase operates not only for Bitcoin but also for other major companies like Litecoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is currently allowed only for booking and purchasing hotel stays.


Overstock accepted Bitcoin since 2014. It was one of the largest retailers to accept Bitcoin. There is a separate option to choose from to pay using Bitcoin. You can basically buy anything from Overstock using Bitcoin. Overstock even accepts other big cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and more in their website. Overstock also uses Coinbase.

  • Shopify:

Another big online store which functions somewhat similarly to eBay started accepting Bitcoin since 2013. The fees are also extremely low, and sometimes there are even no fees when Bitcoin users use Bitcoins. Almost all the sellers in Shopify today accepts Bitcoin.

  • PayPal:

Paypal started accepting Bitcoin since 2014. However, it was done through Coinbase, GoCoin, and BitPay. The company released a statement that PayPal is merely going to be an intermediary between buyers and sellers. The rest depends on the agreement between both the parties.

  • DISH:

Another company to accept Bitcoin in 2014 is DISH which is a big cable operator worldwide. DISH also uses Coinbase.

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